Primal Force RES-6

Put the Brakes on Aging

Activate the Genes That Keep You Young, Vital and Independent

For the first time in medical history, you can influence your own genetic code. There’s no need for excessive worry about whether good health “runs in your family.”

With RES6, you can help turn on the genes that promote longevity – and turn off the genes that tell your cells to die. There are only four nutrients that can do this, and RES6 has them all.

You’ve probably already heard of one of them – resveratrol. It’s a red wine extract known for supporting cardiovascular health and enhancing energy production in your cells.

But it can do a lot more to slow your aging clock. Resveratrol works hard switching on “good” genes to promote normal cell activity… keep DNA healthy… and maintain normal cholesterol levels. But it also switches off “bad” genes that can interfere with your cells and encourage the production of insulin and inflammation.

Resveratrol’s superstar cousin, pterostilbene, is the latest discovery – and it might even be more powerful. And when you combine them, the results are even better than using one without the other.

RES6 also includes SOD, nicknamed the “master guardian of youth.” It has the antioxidant power to safeguard your DNA.

It also includes EGCG, a potent antioxidant in green tea, which is thought to be part of the reason the Japanese live long, healthy lives. It zaps free radicals and shuts down toxins.

RES6 fights free radicals in two different ways – neutralizing them in your bloodstream and blocking their power supply. RES6 can also give your brain the edge it needs to stay sharp and agile.

Together, the anti-aging antioxidants in RES6 work to protect every cell, tissue and organ in your body – keeping them healthier, longer.

RES6 may be the most reliable way to stay healthy as you age.

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