Primal Force Primal Max: Rediscover Your Primal Energy and Native Strength

Revolutionary 1-2 Punch Cranks Your Performance into Over Drive

If your energy, drive and ambition have tanked along with your love life, just increasing low testosterone — or what some doctors call "low T" — is only half the battle.

Primal Force Primal Max | Male Potency Supplement

Testosterone alone is not enough.

There's another piece to the puzzle that most guys — and doctors — miss.
Adding that extra piece gives you more than just a temporary bump in energy. It gives you the kind of swagger most men can only wish for.

That means:

  • Bigger, harder and more frequent erections
  • A driving, competitive edge with mental focus and clarity
  • Pumping, well-defined muscles
  • Increased vigor, strength and mobility

The missing piece is what I call nature's "energy pump."

Once it's "switched on," you drive energy to every cell, muscle and tissue in your body when you need it... on demand.

The blend of the two gives you something legendary.

"I just wanted to try Primal Max out of curiosity, without expecting too much. I was really shocked by a substantial boost of my libido. After my results with PACE and Primal Max, I am leaning to believe everything by Doctor Sears. Thank you."

—S.A., Florence, Italy

It's called potency

Potency is more than just getting an erection. It's having the energy to do EVERYTHING that makes you feel like a man. That means a boost of physical AND mental performance.

To enjoy your full power as a man, you need to activate this "energy pump" AND boost testosterone.

With Primal Max, that's exactly what you get... But without the side-effect risks you get from other options.

Primal Max delivers everything you need to rejuvenate your potency and power as a man. And, unlike other formulas that quit working after a few weeks, Primal Max works for as long as you want ... without fizzling out for months, or even years, on end. 

That's because Primal Max is a two part formula ... Primal Max Red, and Primal Max Black ... so your body never becomes desensitized to it. Every single time you take Primal Max, the effects will be the same as if you were taking it for the first time. 

"I have had the energy to have sex three times in one day, WOW. That has not happened in years. Thanks Primal Max. Oh, by the way I am 62."

—J.K., Birmingham, AL

Nitric Oxide (NO) is nature's "hydraulic pump" that gets everything started. That's where Primal Max's Red Formula comes in. It contains 3 powerful natural nitric oxide boosters that help get large amounts of blood flowing ... causing an erection. (Every time you have an erection - even those times back in high school when it would pop up without warning - is thanks to NO.) 

Primal Max Black Formula is specifically designed to raise testosterone levels naturally and to heighten your sexual desire. You'll get in the mood more often and with more dependability... and "wow" your partner with your new-found vigor ... with proven, all-natural ingredients that historically have been used to ramp up a man's sex drive and power. 

Feel That "Can-Do" Energy...
Anytime You Want

Primal Max is a game changer. You get more of what makes you feel like a man:

  • MORE energy to take action at a moment's notice
  • MORE confidence and better performance in the bedroom
  • MORE strength, drive and authority
  • MORE stamina to perform at peak levels longer

"I am 57 and still ‘strong' sexually, but not as strong as I once was. Since taking Primal Max, I have noticed that I can get an erection more easily...

On the non-sexual side, I have noted a subtle change in body shaping without change to my workout routine (I am a Chinese-style Martial Artist). I am a health care professional and I am aware of the placebo effect... this is not!"

—J.D., West Palm Beach, FL

And, when you order Primal Max today, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason, at ANY TIME, it doesn't live up to your expectations, you get a full refund of every penny you paid, including your shipping and handling.

This is a no-hassle promise. No questions, no gimmicks, just a FULL, prompt refund. There's nothing to return and no risk for you. Fair enough?

Don't wait a moment longer. It's time for you to "open the floodgates" and start enjoying your life – in and out of the bedroom – right now.

Black: 120 Tablets
Red: 10.50 oz (powder)
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