PACE® Muscle Up

Protein Programs Your Body to Burn Fat…
Now You Have the Cleanest, Most Powerful Source

Muscle UpProtein programs your body to burn fat. It throws a "metabolic switch" and tells your body that it's okay to burn fat.

Here's why…

Your body's number one priority is survival. And protein is your body's most prized power source. Your body keeps fat on reserve for one reason:  to prevent starvation.

But when your body has all the protein it needs, its survival is not threatened. It then feels "safe" enough to start burning off its fat stores.

In fact, this is the easiest, most reliable way of triggering high-speed fat loss. And, you'll guarantee your body has the building blocks it needs for your best health.

But here's the problem…

Commercial protein powders come from cattle that are raised in an unnatural environment. Worst of all, they are deprived of eating their native diet, which is grass. Instead, they are fed wheat, corn, and soy. These grains are unnatural for cows. So, by the time they reach maturity, grain-fed cattle are sick and diseased.

The protein cultivated from grain-fed cows is compromised and denatured. You get all the hormones and antibiotics that were pumped into the cow, which may be in a more concentrated form.

Dr. Sears has found the solution that you won't find anywhere else…

He has secured a grass-fed whey protein that comes exclusively from free-roaming, pasture-fed cows. They enjoy a grass-only diet with no exposure to chemicals, toxins, or other dangerous drugs.

The whey protein from grass-fed cows is fresh and potent. You'll feel the difference.

Equally impressive is what you won't find:

  • NO high-fructose corn syrup…
  • NO trans fats…
  • NO gluten…
  • NO soy protein…
  • NO aspartame or artificial sweeteners…

Just the cleanest, most powerful source of whey protein available.

Price: $69.95
Size: 30 day supply (1050 grams)
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