Primal Force's Better Than Coffee …New and Improved Choline Punch

Better Than Coffee …
Kick-Start Your Morning
Rainforest Herb Gives You Lasting
Energy Throughout the Day

Primal Force's Better Than Coffee gives you long-lasting energy with no afternoon crash, PLUS:

  • Mental clarity and alertness that lasts the whole day
  • Stronger memory and power of recallBetter than coffee
  • Protection against pollution and daily stress
  • Better physical coordination and a more stable gait

Rainforest Herb Works Like Caffeine … But Better

In the fall of 2006, Dr. Al Sears, MD, trekked through the Amazon jungles of Peru and was introduced to a powerful rainforest herb called Paullina cupana. According to tribal folklore, the Indians of the Amazon River Basin have been using it to prevent fatigue and increase physical endurance since before recorded history.

The active compound in this herb is guaranine, a member of the caffeine family. But unlike regular caffeine, it's full of healthy fatty acids.

The good fat gives guaranine a slow release. Its effect will gradually increase over a period of hours. It doesn't pick you up and throw you down like quick release caffeine. There's no crash with this stuff… and you don't get any of the nervous, jittery energy you do with caffeine.

When Dr. Sears first tried it, he reported feeling alert and full of energy – even though he had been hiking through rough terrain for hours.

Get a Boost … Without the Crash!
This rainforest herb works its magic by releasing acetylcholine in your brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter. It's the brain chemical that lets your nerve cells fire through the synapse or gap that exists between the trillions of neurons in your brain.

If you have lots of acetylcholine, your mind is sharp and your memory is clear. When you drink coffee in the morning, the release of acetylcholine gives you the buzz that gets you going.

But there's a problem… coffee will burn you out because it depletes your reserve of acetylcholine. Guaranine is slow acting with none of the caffeine side effects but it works in the same way. Eventually you lose your reserve of acetylcholine.

But if you trigger a release of acetylcholine and then rebuild your reserves you can sustain the amazing rush of clarity over the long term.
That's the secret behind Better Than Coffee: Long-lasting energy with the power to build up reserves of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

When you combine guaranine with choline, you get a bigger release of acetylcholine – even more than taking guaranine on its own. That's what gives you the feeling of energy and mental power. But instead of depleting your reserves and burning out, you build them up.

Now with the Power of Antioxidants

The brand-new formula of Better Than Coffee now contains the antioxidant power of the Acai (ah-sah-ee) berry and quercetin. We've added these two ingredients to fight free radicals, boost your immunity and protect your body against disease and harmful environmental toxins.

Quercetin is a nutrient that supports the immune system and helps maintain healthy brain function. But it also increases the power of your lungs so you can use your energy better. World-class athletes use it to help their athletic performance because it increases V02 max. And VO2 max is the best indicator of your respiratory endurance because the higher your VO2 max, the faster you can get oxygen to your tissues.

Acai berry is a chocolate-tasting berry loaded with powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. Acai also gives you a rush of energy and nutrients like vitamins A, B and C. It also helps to defend the body against life's stressors and fights free radicals. Its powerful antioxidants work faster than those of any other fruit, reaching your system intact and reducing inflammation, so you can stay active longer.

Energize Your Day with Better Than Coffee

With Better Than Coffee, you won't find a better brain booster or memory enhancer. You'll support your immune system and boost your physical performance. And there's no mistaking … you'll feel the kick right away.

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