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Telosupport SupplementEssence

Imagine if all the cells in your body worked as well as they did when you were younger...

You’d have more strength and stamina, and a body and mind that act truly younger. With an overwhelming sense of optimism, as if your whole life is ahead of you...

This is the power of Essence. Truly a sip from the Fountain of Youth. It’s so exceptional, the research behind it won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009.

That’s because when you maintain your telomeres, your telomeres (tee-loh-meers) – the tiny timekeepers that tell your body how old or young to act – don’t shorten.

And together, the 16 telomere support nutrients in Essence ­– the finest anti-aging product available anywhere – work to make every cell act younger, keeping them healthier, longer.

Essence is not just another nutritional supplement. This exceptional technology uses the first real solution to aging – the discovery of the telomere – to help slow the aging process at a cellular level.

Don’t wait. Try Essence today and live younger longer!

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NEW!New! Wash away aches and pains like a cleanse for your muscles and joints Mobilify

Soothe and revitalize your muscles and joints with the new pain-fighting formula from Dr. Sears.  Mobilify is designed to calm the soreness and dull aches that can sneak up on you as the years go by.

Like healing waters from a sacred spring, the soothing herbs in Mobilify can get right to the source of your pain…and wash it away.

With the toxin-clearing enzymes and pain-fighting herbs in Mobilify, you’ll have what you need to…

Get moving with Mobilify!

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New! Assure HC Tonic: The Ultimate in Heart Support


Now, for the first time, Dr. Sears has designed an easy way to get the benefit of EVERY recommendation he makes in his book, at the dose levels he recommends. It’s called Assure HC Tonic.

Your heart needs specific nutrients to keep it going strong. When you don’t get them, your heart gets tired. But instead of carting around a bucket of pills, you can simply enjoy Assure HC Tonic. This great-tasting shake has a rich, chocolate flavor that comes from the exotic, heart-healthy cupuaçu fruit.

Cupuaçu has two unique, and previously unknown but potent antioxidants… giving this  superfood an incredible 11 different antioxidants to help keep your heart healthy and strong!

Assure HC Tonic is the perfect “vehicle” for getting your most important heart helpers right to where they’re needed.  Try it for yourself today!

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Bali Slim: Fat-Burning Flower is One of Bali's Best-Kept Secrets

Primal Force presents Bali 

Slim with Sacred Lotus for Weight Loss

Bali Slim takes the power of the sacred lotus and combines it with other powerful nutrients like:

Curcumin – an active component in the treasured spice turmeric, it’s also thermogenic. It may help increase metabolic rate. Think of it like turning up the heat in your cells – the temperature goes up and the fat is converted into energy.

Chromium – improves body composition by promoting balanced blood sugar levels, which may help control your appetite

Caralluma fimbriata- its nickname is “famine food.” Not only does it suppress your appetite – giving you the feeling of being satisfied and full – but it also increases endurance and quenches thirst. Instead of struggling to adhere to a strict diet, this cactus makes it easier for you to feel satisfied when you eat smaller meals.

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